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Smoking Kills 9"x12" Art Print

Smoking Kills 9"x12" Art Print

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Pencil colours, markers, & ink. All art prints are packaged in a plastic sleeve with a cardboard backing for safe transport (see second image for what the package looks like). A description of the print is included in the package as well:

“I’ve noticed throughout the history of fashion editorials that smoking has often been used as a tool to sell clothing. Even working behind the scenes in the industry, I’ve been on multiple sets internationally where everyone was smoking and it was seen as a sign of disrespect that I wasn’t smoking. I wonder how responsible the fashion industry is for glorifying smoking and making consumers of media think it looks cool. I’m guilty myself, I’ve made a fair bit of art where the subject is smoking because I feel it gives them personality and a more lifelike quality. We all know that it’s not a healthy activity but visually, does smoking sell?”

- Arushi

Founder, Head Apparel & Graphic Designer

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