About Us


We believe that creating a sustainable environment is of the utmost importance in today’s world, and we recognize that true sustainability is only possible in an inclusive and accessible space. Studio Dialectica was born when we realized that cutting edge ideas, innovation, and prominent topics in fashion like sustainability and gender expression are rarely applied to cultural clothing. At Studio Dialectica, we think everyone should be part of the conversation. By creating genderless, seasonless pieces that are made from repurposed and natural fibers, inspired by the world, we’re encouraging all kinds of people to responsibly and authentically be themselves. We want to educate clothing lovers and abandon the collective fear around appreciating culture. 

We know what it’s like to be immersed in a kaleidoscope of culture while trying to separate and sort the pieces - but we don’t believe in separating and sorting the pieces. Our work embraces the intersections of “where we come from” so that we can write our own dialect.



Arushi Chopra is the mind behind apparel and design company, Studio DIALECTICA. She is inspired by the rich culture and traditions that intertwine in the western world. As a graduate of the fashion design program at Toronto Metropolitan University, her advanced technical ability brings complex, luxurious design to everyday life.

Drawing upon her Indian heritage and Canadian upbringing, Arushi’s design philosophy revolves around responsible creation & inclusivity. She is known for creating transformable apparel, and prefers to use natural fabrics or up-cycle existing garments. Her apparel is often genderless as she believes that is the future of impactful design.

Recently acquiring a certificate in Graphic Design and Visual Communication from OCADU, Arushi's passion for digital arts was re-ignited and she hopes to introduce this skill into more products going forward. Her illustrations aid in the fight for representation, using the medium as a vessel to highlight marginalized communities. Arushi saw the need for a space that allows one to let their roots shine, which led her to found Studio DIALECTICA in 2023.