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Lotus Palace - Textile Print Series 9"x12" Art Print

Lotus Palace - Textile Print Series 9"x12" Art Print

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All art prints are packaged in a plastic sleeve with a cardboard backing for safe transport (see second image for what the package looks like). A description of the print is included in the package as well:

“The Lotus Palace print can be easily spotted as a bold singular print on the backs of many Studio Dialectica jackets and tops. I designed this print in collaboration with my most esteemed muse: my mom! After studying a great deal of South Asian architecture, I illustrated the columns and arch you see here. At the time my mom was mesmerized by lotus flowers and she suggested that I studied the Lotus Temple in New Delhi. This stunning building became the impetus for completing this refreshing design. On its own in black ink, I find this motif so calming in its minimalism.”

- Arushi

Founder, Head Apparel & Graphic Designer

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