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Cash is Green 9"x12" Art Print

Cash is Green 9"x12" Art Print

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Digital drawing. All art prints are packaged in a plastic sleeve with a cardboard backing for safe transport (see second image for what the package looks like). A description of the print is included in the package as well:

“I did this illustration weeks after watching the movie Sorry to Bother You. That movie is so absurd that it stuck with me and led me to create something inspired by it. The main character in the movie is named Cassius Green, which is a play on the words “cash is green” that are featured in this piece. Ultimately as disturbing as this movie is, I found parts of it relatable especially as an immigrant living in North America who at times has tried very hard to fit in. My ability to see my own experiences in this film meant that I had to pay tribute to it!”

- Arushi

Founder, Head Apparel & Graphic Designer

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